Friday, January 25, 2013

What Was I Thinkin.....

This poor blog got neglected...There was Christmas, then I opened my Etsy shop for Babes and Brides which I will hopefully get in the side bar.  Then the new year arrived..WOW !! And to top it all off I joined in to not one but two sewalongs and a zipper pouch swap.  This may not be pretty but I'm gonna try to add pictures and links for you to see and check out....   First the SewCanShe sewalong....It was one block and you could make anything you wanted with it...Of course you made as many blocks as you needed for the project you made...and I just remembered I haven't photographed it yet sooooooooooo you will have to come back to check this one out !!!. Sorry

Then I joined the Sweet Pouch Swap hosted by Roslyn of Sew Deliscious... what fun this has been.  I've never joined anything before so, I'm sort of an introvert, but new year and gonna try new things !!
My partner liked birds, whales and I did some embroidery and made it a medium size since she is new to sewing,,I thought she might like to store some of her notions and what nots in it...Just got to get some chocolated to go in it then will be shipping it off to Ohio.
Then....  and WHAT WAS I THINKIN I joined in on the Riley Blake Mytery is only one block a month for nine months...I can do that right....except my daughter wanted pink and purple and I wanted aqua and pink with a touch of red !!!!  So now it's two blocks a month..anyhow here is Block One in the two different colorways...

So that's a really quick update, will be back soon to post a project sweetiepie is working on...

So until next time our dear friends

Have Fun
Sewing, quilting, crafting, creating

xo Kim and Sweetipie

Monday, November 5, 2012

I have been wanting to try making the crinkled ribbon for embellishing some of the crafts I'm getting ready to make for Christmas.  Got the idea from The Feathered Nest, Tammy Tutterow blog of using the Hug Snug seam tapes I like the look of using tattered fabric ribbon which I make by just tearing my fabrics into strips.  Sweetiepie likes the color of beet juice so we made some ribbons up using beet juice for the dye...

I used muslin, dryer sheets,(forgot to put them in the before pic!!!), and a printed cotton fabric I thought would be cute....lower left is coffee dyed, and we were very pleased with the pink color from the beet juice.  Now we have lots of tattered ribbon for our shabby flowers and crafts...Until next time...Have fun and Craft On !

Saturday, November 3, 2012

My First Blog

Well here we and learn is my motto...can't do it if you don't try it and that's what this is all about....I have been following and learning from so many wonderful blogs out there I have decided to give blogging a try myself.  Sweetiepie, my daughter, has encouraged this adventure. I learn from her and hopefully she will learn from me.   First on the agenda, sadly our motorhome is parked for the winter..(boo-hoo) as we live in Wisconsin.  But that means sewing,stitching,crocheting and crafting till our hearts are content !!